Jupiter the sage

The 7 Planets

There are seven planets in traditional astrology. These are the planets that are visible to the naked eye.

The 12 Signs

The Tropical Zodiac – The 360-degree zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts, which we call signs, of 30 degrees each.

Aries by Mikalojus: The ram is on the top of the mountain, the glyph of Aries appears as bright stars in the sky.
Painting shows rising sun on the horizon with its bright rays illumuniating the world.

The 12 Houses

  • First House
  • Second House
  • Third House
  • Fourth House
  • Fifth House
  • Sixth House
  • Seventh House
  • Eight House
  • Ninth House
  • Tenth House
  • Eleventh House
  • Twelfth House

Essential Dignities

Essential dignity is one of the most important techniques in traditional natal astrology.

Table of Essential Dignities using Egyptian bounds and Hindu decans. First and last column are the planets glyphs. Second column are the domicile rules, third column are the exaltation rulers. Fourth column are the triplicity rulers with three sub-columns each for day, night and co-operating rulers. The fifth column lists the Egyptian bound rulership followed by the decan rulership. The detriment and fall columns are at the end.

Solar Phase

The cycles depicting the relative movement of the Sun and the planets are called synodic cycles, from the Greek synodos, which means “encounter”.