• The Tropical Zodiac

    The Tropical Zodiac

    The development of the zodiac around the fifth century B.C. was an important milestone in the history of astrology. The path of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets around the Earth, also known as the ecliptic, was divided into 360 degrees, with 30 degrees allotted to each of the 12 signs. The signs were……

  • Synodic Cycle of the Superior Planets

    Synodic Cycle of the Superior Planets

    The synodic cycle of the superior planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) starts at the conjunction of the planet with the Sun and being Cazimi. Cazimi makes a planet very strong but it will soon move to being combust. The combust zone extends to around eight degrees and 30 minutes from the Sun. Here the planet……

  • Essential Dignities: The School Analogy

    Essential Dignities: The School Analogy

    Imagine that there are twelve schools, each with three hundred students. These schools are like the signs of the zodiac, with each school specializing in different subjects and skills. The Aries school teaches its students how to be aggressive, fight, and succeed in war. The Aquarius school teaches science and is concerned with humanity. The……

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