Dial of large medieval astronomical clock
The Prague Astronomical Clock, first installed in 1411

Our world is spooky. Astrology is spooky.

Recent research and development in western traditional astrology paint a world where events happen predictably. Astrology can help to identify critical life events well in advance. The arsenal of predictive techniques, including primary directions, zodiacal releasing from spirit, and firdaria, when fully deployed, reveals that all events in a person’s life can be traced back to the natal horoscope. Even world events can be inferred from the horoscope of leaders, as Dr. H points out in A Rectification Manual.

We live in a deterministic world. Things don’t happen randomly. The human free will, at best a splendid illusion, doesn’t exist.

As we push boundaries in physics and debate if we are living in a simulation, I think it is important for scientists to see the evidence that astrology provides. It is easier to contemplate how astrology works after accepting the fact that it does.

Through biographical research of select eminent people, Satya Astrology will try to showcase predictive astrology in action by correlating the events in their life with their birth horoscope. I think this is empirical science.

The language of traditional astrology is vibrant and colorful. The concepts of essential dignity, sect, and aspect configurations provide a rich vocabulary when coupled with the fundamental building blocks of signs, planets, and houses. Egyptian bounds, a secret code whose construction perhaps provides the key to the axioms of astrology, help to unlock special latent configurations in the horoscope.

Deciphering astrology through natal horoscopes reveals the beauty inherent in the creator’s mind and is a worthwhile endeavor. It fills one with wonder. At the same time, it turns the mind towards a philosophy, a Stoic philosophy. We gain a window to the creator’s world through the planetary lens and wonder how he orchestrated our existence; how space, time, and gravity, linked through the planetary cycles, affect the reel of human life.

Our world is beautiful. Astrology is beautiful.

Satya @ Satya Astrology .com