2022 June – Gemini season and Saturn retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde early this month and Mercury turns direct. Both Mercury and Venus transiting Gemini and in a sextile aspect to the greater benefic Jupiter make this a very social month.

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Sunrise on June 1, 2022. Saturn leads the morning procession followed by Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. (Chart created via astro.com)

Saturn continues to lead the morning procession and almost reaches the midheaven as the June Sun rises each morning. Mercury, retrograde since May 10, reaches out to a square with Saturn and comes pretty close, but Saturn will station on June 2 at 25AQU15’ (bound Saturn/Aquarius) and Saturn retrograde begins on June 4. Mercury will station direct on June 3 at 26TAU05’ (bound Saturn/Taurus). When a planet retrogrades, it tends to act as if it is in the opposite sign. So, Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will act like Saturn in Leo.

Before we conclude that the May’s total lunar eclipse is behind us, note that the stationary Saturn will square the degree of the May lunar eclipse in 25SCO17’. So, the period from June 3 to June 6 is critical as events promised by the eclipse are triggered by hard transits of planets to the eclipse degree. The Moon at 5:04 PM on June 5 will be at 25LEO15′, opposing Saturn at 25AQU15′ and squaring the eclipse degree.

Mercury, who was missing on the eastern horizon, will appear as a morning star on June 10, although it might be difficult to spot Mercury this month. Mercury will enter his sign of rulership, Gemini, on June 13. The Gemini New Moon on May 30 surely missed Mercury, who was retrograding through Taurus back then. Mercury’s Gemini ingress will be a welcome transit.

The Full Moon on June 14 is at 23SAG24’ (bound Saturn/Sagittarius) and it should provide a much-needed burst of enthusiasm and optimism. Note that the bound Saturn/Sagittarius suggests that we will be a touch cautious and pragmatic, a theme reinforced by the Sun in Gemini trining Saturn in Aquarius on June 16.

The June 14 Full Moon is called the Strawberry Moon to mark the harvesting of the “June-bearing” strawberries. This Full Moon is actually a Supermoon similar to last month. A Supermoon is a moon that is very close to the earth and hence it will be appear big and bright.

On June 18, Venus in Taurus will oppose the May lunar eclipse degree. Events promised by the eclipse are often triggered by transits of planets to the eclipse degree. Venus will also square Saturn/Aquarius on this day, highlighting the Taurus-Aquarius square themes we talked about last month. Although Saturn in Aquarius dominates the square, Saturn is retrograde, and Venus is in her domicile in Taurus. This indicates that the Taurean themes of art, music, and nature will triumph over Saturn in Aquarius’ science and technology.

On June 20, Mercury in Gemini will sextile Jupiter in Aries. This is a harmonious alliance indicating speedy and frank communications and things moving forward as expected. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, 2022, the day of the summer solstice, when the length of the day is the maximum for the year. The Sun reaches his peak elevation on the ecliptic on this day.

Venus enters Gemini on June 22, marking the official end of Taurus season. Venus in Gemini is gregarious and this is a great time to make social connections. On June 27, Mars in Aries will sextile Saturn in Aquarius, and on June 28, the Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. This Sun-Jupiter square is a difficult combination, with the homey and sensitive Cancer battling it out with the outgoing and aggressive Aries.

On June 28, we have the New Moon in Cancer (7CAN22’) signaling that we are shifting focus from Gemini to Cancer. The New Moon occurs in the bound Venus/Cancer. On the same day, Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries and again we see Jupiter lending his benevolence to the planets in Gemini.

The North Node stays in the bound Jupiter/Taurus this month, while the South Node stays in the bound Jupiter/Scorpio.

Saturn retrograde and Mercury and Venus moving to Gemini are the highlights of this month. Saturn and Venus will trigger events related to last month’s lunar eclipse but this month features a strong Gemini energy indicating a good time for all forms of communication and making social connections. Elections involving Mercury and Venus in Gemini are preferred as both these planets get the necessary impetus from Jupiter. Mars continues to transit Aries quietly.

Here is the full summary of events (New York time/GMT-4):

  • 2-Jun-2022 – Saturn stations 25AQU15′ (bound Saturn/Aquarius)
  • 3-Jun-2022 4:00 AM – Mercury direct motion 26TAU05′ (bound Saturn/Taurus)
  • 4-Jun-2022 5:47 PM – Saturn retrograde begins
  • 10-Jun-2022 – Mercury appears as a morning star
  • 13-Jun-2022 11:27 AM – Mercury enters Gemini
  • 14-Jun-2022 7:51 AM – Full Moon 23SAG24′ (bound Saturn/Sagittarius)
  • 15-Jun-2022 2:11 AM – Venus conjunct North Node 20TAU46′ (bound Jupiter/Taurus)
  • 16-Jun-2022 3:13 AM – Sun/Gemini trines Saturn/Aquarius
  • 16 June 2022 – Mercury at greatest elongation in the morning sky
  • 18-Jun-2022 5:31 PM – Venus/Taurus squares Saturn/Aquarius
  • 20-Jun-2022 3:43 AM – Mercury/Gemini sextiles Jupiter/Aries
  • 21-Jun-2022 5:14 AM – Sun enters Cancer
  • 22-Jun-2022 8:35 PM – Venus enters Gemini
  • 27-Jun-2022 6:28 PM – Mars/Aries sextiles Saturn/Aquarius
  • 28-Jun-2022 8:59 PM – Sun/Cancer squares Jupiter/Aries
  • 28-Jun-2022 10:52 PM – New Moon 7CAN22′ (bound Venus/Cancer)
  • 28-Jun-2022 11:41 PM – Venus/Gemini sextile Jupiter/Aries

Thanks to astro.seek.com and almanac.com for planetary information

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