Birth Chart Report

The birth chart of a person shows the location of the planets in the circle of the zodiac at the place and moment of birth. Natal astrology looks at condition of planets in birth charts and their house placements to determine life patterns and themes.

We can determine important areas of life that are in focus and provide guidance for the future based on various predictive techniques.

You need to know your exact time of birth to book a natal reading. If you have an approximate time of birth within 10-15 minutes accuracy, that could work as well.

My approach

I follow traditional techniques in interpreting a birth chart. This involves focusing on the 7 traditional planets, traditional rulership, using the mean nodes and the important Arabic parts, the part of Fortune and the part of Spirit.

A large part of my technique involves analyzing the condition of the planets using traditional methods similar to what Demetra George outlines in her two volumes on Ancient Astrology.

What you will get in the report

The birth chart report will contain

  1. Analysis of the condition of all planets in the birth chart based on sect, essential dignity, solar phase, house placements, aspects, configurations and rulership.
  2. Exploration of life patterns and themes as shown in the birth chart
  3. A guidance for the near future (1-2 years), what one could expect and what areas of life will be in focus.

The guidance will be based primarily on two important time lord techniques – Firdaria and Profections.

I usually take 2-3 weeks to complete preparing your report. Once the report is prepared I will email you the PDF file.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


The cost of the birth chart report is $125

To book a reading, complete the payment through the below link and email me with below details at

Information I need from you

To calculate your birth chart, following details are required

  1. Your birth date – month, day and year (example: January 14, 1975)
  2. Location of birth – city, state, country
  3. Exact time of birth (example: 3:54 AM)

The time of birth is very important to calculate and interpret a birth chart. When you send me your birth details please specify the source of your birth time and how accurate you think it is.

Additionally, if you want me to focus on certain areas of your life in the report, do let me know.

After completing the payment using the above link, send me the details at


Satya Astrology has provided outstanding, sharp, and clean service. The level of depth and understanding at which they have looked at my birth chart is unparalleled. They have been able to help me address key issues and more challenging aspects of my birthday and have illuminated my pathway. Their reading really added clarity to my life allowing me to understand my challenges and strengths and how best to play to them. 

I am incredibly grateful for the professionalism, clarity, and care that they have taken for my reading, and I will be sure to come back.